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New Travel Articles - Jan 2010
I finally got around to html formatting, and designing a new articles section. Thankfully
Barb wrote wonderful articles for me to plug into photomatter's Travel articles section.
Stay tuned, more articles and photos are coming! I am looking for a good associate
travel advertiser to add to these pages. If you are looking for exposure - this is the site
for you! Contact me! Check out the articles link at the top of every page, or these specific
links below.

Binna Burra mountain camping in Queensland Australia

The Sydney Parks, and other historic sites


Photomatter Advertising - Jan 2010
Another change for 2010 at is the new advertising on the site. The site has
enough content, and traffic to justify this addition. If after you click an ad and you continue on
to the retailer and buy a product - then you are really supporting the site. It costs you nothing
to do this, and I would appreciate you clicking through my site to these top tier retailers . Other
targeted content advertising is going to be added to the site concerning particular topics like
travel. I am leaving the Google Ad Sense up for now, but the content of these ads I have little to
no control over. Therefore, caveat emptor on the Google ads.

I did spend the time to find the finest reliable retailers for these ad placements. Ad content will
also be germane to the topics, articles, and reviews. My intent is to add to the value of the content
here at


Photomatter Products Store NOW OPEN - Jan 2010
To kick off 2010 is launching a products store featuring select photos on
products that include T-Shirts, Tote bags, Coffee cups, Postcards, Greeting cards, and
Note cards. The products are divided into 15 themes, or categories. Categories include:
Cats, Art, Humor, Cross Sections, Conceptual, Lighthouses, Butterflies, Flowers, Animals,
Covered Bridges, Birds, Fruit, Nature, Seascapes, and Landscapes.

Check out the Photomatter Products store here _________________________________________________________________________________________

Photomatter crosses the 4 million page hits mark - Dec 2009
I know, web stats can be boring, but little did I know the amount of interest my first website
would get. In the last 25 months, and on December 30th Photomatter passed the 4 million
page hits mark. During this period close to 100,000 unique visitors consumed 360 Gigabytes
of bandwidth. I plan to provide more content in 2010, and I want to thank you for your interest
in my photos, and website.


Nikon Festival Contest - A day through your lens - Nov 2009
Nikon has a cool contest that melds video with capturing a day through your lens. I blended
video from my Canon 5D mark II, and images captured by my Nikon D2X, D300, and a boat
load of Nikon lenses. A limiting factor is the old style flash video format. The contest is
limited to 504 x 284 pixel (low resolution) video entries. So, below are two higher
resolution versions of my entry.

Additionally, there are celebrity judges like Rainn Wilson (Dwight from the Office), and Chase
Jarvis (a famous Photog) well as Ashton Kutcher (Nikon spokesperson/actor), and youtube
diva Justine Ezarik.

HTML VERSION HERE - after a right click choice....Windows only.

FLASH VERSION HERE - A higher resolution flash version of my entry.


National BMW Photo contest WIN! - Oct 2009
The annual national BMW Oktoberfest was held in Atlanta over the last week. Out of six
categories and over 700 submissions my photo in the "BMWs in Competition & Action"
category took first place for client and car owner Harvey N. Harvey also got third in one
of the rallys.

Info on the BMW Oktoberfest can be found here.

The trophy photo is here.

Here is the winning photo.


Saturday September 26th there is an artist reception from 6-9 PM in conjunction with the Collins
fine art gallery. Come and meet all the artist in both venues, and me too! Both are located at the
base of the Mackay towers building - 146 Monroe center at the corner of Pearl and Monroe Ave.

I have never seen the downtown so alive. Parents with their children...couples old and young are
walking from venue to venue, and everyone seems to be having a wonderful time. Be a part of it
and come downtown and view the art!


Photoshelter Gallery
Photoshelter is a pro photographer stock agency which also offers the service of online
storage of full resolution photos accessible from anywhere in the world.

May 2007 - My Photoshelter Galleries


I want to help you find the photo you need.
The whole point of stock photography is to find the exact photo you need. If you can not
find the image you need here on Photomatter - then follow this link to access millions of
other stock photos. Over 53,000 buyers purchase, and request photos through.>>> Photographers Direct - stock photography images