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Binna Burra 1

Photographic Travel Logs and Articles

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Gathered around the campfire and our tent

Binna Burra by Barbara Markus
But, if want to experience the Australia bushland in all it's
flora and fauna glory, you can't beat Binna Burra. Nestled
in the mountain rainforest of the Gold Coast hinterland, just
over the border of New South Wales and into Queensland's
MacPherson mountain range within Lamington National
Park. If you are staying in Brisbane, it is a mere 90 minutes
drive away into another world and an experience you will
remember for years to come.

Sunset view from our tent

There are differing levels of accommodation but we chose to stay in one of
their pole tents overlooking the hinterland and the famous Gold Coast, home
of Surfer's Paradise. Now this is no ordinary camping and no ordinary tent.
They are large permanent structures built of big sturdy poles and strong
canvas. They contain single, double and bunk bed variations, bedside tables
and a closet. The furnishings are simple, functional, but clean and well built.
Keep in mind you are camping in the bush here, this is the Hilton of tents.

Since you are camping, you have to bring everything one might bring for a
camping weekend. Sleeping bags, towels, food, utensils, camp stove if you
wish, although you can cook over the fire pits in front of every tent. There
are rest room bluildings with shower and toilet facilities as well as coin

operated washing machines and dryers. There are also more
formal cooking facilities with picnic tables and coin operated
grills in the park. Fresh water is available near all campsites.

Bird life abounds like this Spinebilled Bee Eater

Stepping out onto your little porch, you will be greeted with
spectacular views and the unique eucalyptus smell of the
Australian bushland. Chances are you will also be greeted
curiously by a variety of very unusual animals who are not
at all reticent to come and see what you are doing. While
we were there we met native turkeys, cockatoos, possums,
wallabies, a quoll and...