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Binna Burra 2

Photographic Travel Logs and Articles

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The pademelon that wandered into our tent

an adventurous little pademelon who decided to wander
into our tent. There was a reason for the caution about
keeping your tent zipped up tight at all times after all. It
was a fun 20 minutes trying to coax the little guy back
out into the wilderness but eventually he complied.

The animals around the campsite are enchanting and
engaging but you must always keep in mind they are wild
native species and in some instances, rare or threatened.
With that in mind, don't try to touch, or more importantly,
feed the animals.

The Eastern Yellow Robin

They have a glut of their natural food all around them in the forest and human
food in particular causes damage to the small marsupials, leaving them with a
devastating condition known as lumpy-jaw. It is enough that you should just
feel incredibly privileged to have experienced these special and unique animals
in their natural setting.

The park contains a variety of bush walking trails. They will suit most walkers
from young children and the mobile elderly to the serious trekkers. There are
easy flat walks and challenging treks, but on every walk you will be guaranteed
some very special views and experiences in these ancient forests. All walks are
clearly described for time and levels of difficulty at the walking base camp. As
with all national parks, take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints.

If camping is not your thing then Binna Burra offers lodge
accommodation and a rustic bunkhouse for large groups.
There is also a cliff top restaurant, a bar and a teahouse
open daily when you need a change of pace from fire pit
cooking. Binna Burra also offers a range of adventurous
and fun things to do such as rappelling or abseiling, as it
is known there, orienteering courses, high ropes & flying
foxes, bush walking and evening entertainment such as
spotlight night walks, AV presentations & poetry readings.

Well marked and tended trails