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James Markus Photography

By Appointment only - Phone 616-797-0904
Client Testimonials

  James did a wonderful job taking various types of pictures for our son. Our son was using the photos for professional purposes. He won an Honorable Mention in Fashion Print because of the excellent work done by James.

Tammy Ledford

  Our children and grandchildren were coming home for a family picture and there was only one summer weekend they could all be here. When the outdoor site selected for our picture was unavailable, James went out of his way to find an alternate site. Our family group is large and James was very accommodating and creative on the day of photography..

Marilyn Hayes

  Jim Markus has been our family photographer for the past 5 years. The work he does is amazing. All who see the portraits he has done rave about the beautiful work he produces. I recommend James Markus to anyone who wants high quality results in their photographic needs.

Bridget Mitchell RN

  I wouldn't hesitate to use James for any of your photography needs, whether those needs be creating memories via outstanding photography or restoring old photos. I had some pictures that were over 30 years old and he restored them to a digital format so I'll have them forever. I've also referred people to him that were completely satisfied with the results. James is an artist with his camera and he uses his talents whether it's a commercial shoot for a business or capturing family memories. I know you'll be completely satisfied with not only his photographic talents but also his creative talents.

Jeff Mulder
Certified Public Accountant - VMDE
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  It will not take you very long to figure out that Jim Markus is an artist. His thoughtful approach to every project is innovative and will always lead to the great result for which you are looking. I have hired him for projects, and even for some direct consulting. His work, and his expertise were both extremely beneficial to the result. I recommend Jim in any capacity; as an employee, project manager, or for for him to provide you with a great artistic result from his primary business as an accomplished & award winning Photographer.

Tom Jillson
Senior Manager / Government Compliance Manager
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  Jim is the total professional. He comes prepared and offers many options as he takes the pictures. He relaxes you and makes the whole experience enjoyable. He used our own backyard and the gardens I love, as backdrop. I have had nothing but compliments on our family picture.

Carol Boonstra

  James is the best in taking pictures of anything one might need. Or he can be very innovative depending on what the customers needs and wants are. I had pictures taken with an award winning car and the pictures are just great classic looks. Just what we wanted. James always does everything with extra ordinary care.

Harriet Sturim
Passion for Sales
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  Jim has always been helpful and has an expertise about framing shots that can only come with experience and knowledge. He is very creative. He has an artists sense when it comes to shading and displaying his subject matter.

Dennis Merizon

  We have enjoyed having Jim photograph events. He seems to always capture the mood of the events in a manner that does not detract from what is taking place. You do not realize that he has taken photos and his presentation of the of the finished product is flawless.

Maureen & Randy Eckhardt

  We hired Jim to do a family portrait of our family. We were delighted with the photograph, and have it prominently displayed on our mantel. We also purchased smaller copies to give to each of our children. He was great to work with. It is not difficult to see why he received awards for his photographic accomplishments.

Sheldon Cole

  Jim has helped me with photo needs on many occasions. The most memorable was on short notice when my Mother passed away suddenly. Jim did a fantastic job of taking a photo that my Mom was in with other people, pulling her out and making corrections and improvements to the photo. We used it at her memorial service, but loved it so much, we framed it and have it in our family room. Everyone who sees it asks when she sat for a portrait and comments on what a beautiful photo it is! I highly recommend James Markus Photography for new portraits, or photos, but also for re-touching and correcting older photos, as we had done.

Jeanette Kaufman

  I needed a photo cropped, enlarged and sized quickly for an obituary, so I called Jim Markus. I had worked with Jim at a newspaper for 11+ years, and knew how capable he is. I sent him an email asking him to do this project with a fast turnaround. He read the message about 9:45 that evening after a son's recital. I was so impressed when I received the completed photo the next morning that I called Jim. He said he worked on the photo when he returned home the previous night so he could get it to me asap. The number of people who take that next step to help someone is small, but Jim is right at the top of the list! I recommend Jim Markus Photography for his extreme competency, his professionalism, and his dedication to his customers.

Patricia Coyle