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Art Prize Entry and Venue - June 2010
I have entered, and secured a venue for the 2010 Art Prize competition. The venue is the Riverview
Center at 678 Front Ave on the 2nd floor. This years entry is a conceptual series based on an idea
I have been developing for about 18 months, and is a social commentary. As the series comes
together check my blog for the latest info and photos. Art Prize will be held from September 22nd to
October 10th 2010. I would encourage everyone to come to the event. Last years event revitalized
the downtown like nothing I have ever seen before, and was very enjoyable. This year there is an
extra week to see all the art, as well as many more venues - which should allow all the artist to find a
place to show their art. (last year 500-600 artist never got matched to a venue)

My ArtPrize Profile

The ArtPrize Home page

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James Markus' Off Site Photo Gallery hits over 500,000 views - June 2010
I have had a gallery on Fred for about three years now. The first six months there
were only 4000 views of my photos and it was a bit discouraging. I threw away that gallery and
started over fresh, and the response has been tremendous! A few days ago the gallery passed
the 500,000 views mark. Other than my own galleries - this is the largest off site gallery of my work.

James Markus FM Photo Gallery _________________________________________________________________________________________

Veteran journalist Rick Martinez contributes to Photomatter - May 2010
Veteran journalist, editor, writer, photographer, designer and communicator, Rick's work has
been published by The Grand Rapids (Mich.) Press, the South Bend (Ind.) Tribune, The
(Angola, Ind.) Herald-Republican, The (Fort Wayne, Ind.) Journal Gazette, the Peru (Ind.) Daily
Tribune, The Brazil (Ind.) Times, USA Today and Rapid Growth Media; and distributed by
The Associated Press. He has a bachelor of science degree from Ball State University. The
married father of three lives in Jenison, Michigan

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Supporting - April 2010
Just a reminder that anytime you click a B&H,, or Google ad on any page here on - and then purchase an item - you are supporting It costs
you nothing to do this, but a small affiliate fee is paid by the retailer to this site.

Illustration of fair photography pricing - March 2010
Occasionally, I am asked to shoot on spec with promises of exposure, and future contacts.
In an apple and oranges world - comparisons from one industry to another can be difficult at
best. However, I thought these couple of craig's list listings illustrate the point of view from a
photographers a humorous way.

Read the Craig's list listings - Courtesy of Blake J. Discher _________________________________________________________________________________________

James Markus wins Top Photographer in GR again - March 2010
It's weird writing about yourself in the third person, but it is news. In the 2nd annual "Tops
in GR" poll - conducted by the Grand Rapids Press and - James Markus
won "Top Photographer". The dates are from 2008-2010, but there have only been two of
these polls during this period, and James won both. Thank you for the votes!

Photo of the award _________________________________________________________________________________________

Stock Photos, and Print Store are open! - Feb 2010
After the Photomatter products store opening last month I thought it was time to get the
Stock photo, and print section of my site up to date. After spending entirely too much time
trying to re-invent the wheel - I decided to give in and go with a system that I have been a
member of for almost three years. Originally, this account was to archive my full resolution
photos, and make them accessible from anywhere on the planet. However, they have
continued to add services, and features until they morphed into what I had always wanted
in an online stock agency for my work. So now I get to build my stock galleries all over again
- what joy! Oh, and this time I get to add all kinds of mind numbing meta data to each and every
photo to make them searchable. Well over 1100 images are on the server ready to purchase
with many thousands more to come!

There are some differences that I should point out. First the current collection of stock photos
are all RM (Rights Managed) with quotes being generated by the industry standard Fotoquote - and
further amended to a fraction of the standard rates. Later, I will add a flat fee RF (Royality Free)
collections of stock photos. The prints are all done using the old chemical processes. This
permits a substantial price break, yet they are less "green" than the photos I print myself.

Photomatter Stock home page

Photomatter Stock galleries home page


Photoshelter Gallery
Photoshelter is a pro photographer stock agency which also offers the service of online
storage of full resolution photos accessible from anywhere in the world.

May 2007 - My Photoshelter Galleries


I want to help you find the photo you need.
The whole point of stock photography is to find the exact photo you need. If you can not
find the image you need here on Photomatter - then follow this link to access millions of
other stock photos. Over 53,000 buyers purchase, and request photos through.>>> Photographers Direct - stock photography images