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Archived Photomatter NEWS pg2

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Join a Zine - November 2011

This is my editor zine, but you can join and contribute to all of the
next 3 of my other convozines. Got a joke, or funny story to share...join
the "Humor or Humour" convozine and publish it - it's easy! How
about an awesome recipe that makes you weak in the knees...then
head on over to the "Culinary Art" convozine and tell us all
about it. There is even a zine for all those great photos you have
hidden away...join the "Photomatter" zine and let us see them!
Read more about the convozines below!

My Editors Convo here...

Culinary Art Convozine - October 2011

This one could be popular. Combining Barb's extra-ordinary cooking
with my photos, interesting and original recipes. An online user cook
book wiki (of sorts) - got a great recipe, and a photographer's eye?
This is your zine!

Join the Culinary Art Convozine here....

Humor or Humour Convozine - September 2011

I'm gonna need some help with this zine, but I liked the idea
of having a place to go to lighten my mood.

Join the Humor or Humour zine here...

Photomatter CONVOZINE - August 2011
I discovered this potentially great publishing idea, and the sheer
number of "Zines" has grown very rapidly. I plan to start other zines
but for my first I will call it "Photomatter".

...Think about this Zine's name. Photomatter: the matter constructing
an image, or photos matter...take your pick. The whole point of imagery
is the old cliche: " A picture is worth a thousand words." Well, prove it!
I don't care how much post processing, compositing, and digital tweaking
you do. Keep in mind this one thing - If you have to flesh out your image
with too many words - then your image has already failed to convey it's
message....Post only your very best photos.

Join the Photomatter Zine Here.......

Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me - July 2011

On a hot and steamy day the family and I went to Millenia Park
near Butterworth Dr. The insects were buzzing loudly, and Swallows
were delighting in acrobatic feats catching them in mid-air. This
tiny blue fly landed on a bed of Queen Anne's Lace after harassing
me. He/she looked like a emerald chromed missile.

> More Bugs added here

Northern Michigan Surprise - June 2011

While taking a walk with Sam around Kehl Lake north of Northport
Michigan - I came across match stick sized bright orange mushrooms
that I hadn't seen since I was about 10 years old. The funny thing was - I
was in the middle of describing these odd mushrooms to Sam based
upon memory - when suddenly I saw them sprouting from some moss.

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