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Archived Photomatter NEWS pg1

Archived News 2|

Book published this month - June 2012
Publisher, Sensory World (a division of Future Horizons & Gilpin
publishing), will begin printing the book that author Carol Gray
and I began working on last July. The book title is "The Last
Bedtime Story That We Read Each Night".
One of my illustrations
has already been pulled to use as a cover on the trade publication
"Creative Play Retailer's" May edition. A testimonial reads...
"Short, sweet, reassuring, and to-the-point, this instant classic
helps children go to sleep quickly and calmly. According to parents,
this book has ended bedtime arguments after just one night!"

Order your copy here...

< 2nd annual Senior Odyssey - May 2012
The second annual Senior Odyssey was held May 19th at Genesis
United Methodist Church. In this photo you can see the audiences'
reaction to the seven competing teams was a standing ovation. The
event was organized by Senior Neighbors 820 Monroe NW Suite 460
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503 More photos are at the link below.

Senior Odyssey 2012 photos here....

Gallery crosses 1 million views milestone! >
My offsite photo gallery on
crossed the one million views early this month.
See close to 900 of my photos.

FM Gallery here....

< More Kitchen Art - April 2012
I can't leave this topic alone. I just enjoy the feel of these images. Click
the link for more art. You can order prints, digital files for your ad or
marketing campaign, or get a coffee cup, ipod cover & more.

Art Images here....
Photo gear musical chairs >>>>>
I'm selling and buying equipment. The net effect should be a
net zero out of pocket cost. The lure of old, wonderfully crafted,
manual focus Nikkor lenses has been very strong. Here is the
200mm f4 AI-S micro in action...I always wanted this old lens.


Bokeh, bokeh....and more - March 2012
I discovered an amazing lens for my Canon 5D mk II...the EF 135mm f2.
Wow! The best bokeh I have ever seen. Just look at that buttery smooth
out of focus area - amazing! Title: " Some more please"

I also started another zine this month. Came across some old landscapes I
shot when I was 14 years old in and near Yellowstone. Join the Landscape
Convozine and contribute some photos.

Join the Landscape Zine Here.......

Inspired - February 2012

I was reading about the hunt to track down the famous Afghan girl -
Sharbat Gula - that was photographed by journalist Steve McCurry
in a refuge area of Pakistan during the Soviet occupation. Her eyes
are so haunting in the original, and I attempted to capture the same
mixture of alarm, and self revelation in Brooke's eyes here in the
studio this February.

Another 2nd Place finish in the FM weekly assignment

The Studio gains an Intern - January 2012

The year began with an interesting proposal. A young man from the
state of Michigan named Zach - asked if the state could pay the salary
of a young lady named Brooke to work in my studio, because she wanted
to learn about photography from me. So, began the 3 month internship
at James Markus Photography, and this is the first image that Brooke
helped with the creation. Title is "Raining in the Garden"

2nd Place finish in the FM weekly assignment
The Lighthouse Collection
Lighthouses from the tip of
Leelanua to Holland Michigan.
Even a lighthouse from the
other side of the planet in
Byron Bay Australia.
James Markus Photography

By Appointment Only

Phone 616-797-0904

The Flower Collection
Mums, or more specifically
Chrysanthemums, Iris, Gerbera
Daisies, Orchids, and the rose.
See these and over 200 flower
photos in the flower collection.