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Stock Galleries
Hundreds of photos in thumbnail galleries arranged by topic. Click the link to get
to each gallery - then click single thumbnails to see larger versions of each photo.
All photos are 4000 pixels or greater on their longest axis - Delivered as 24 bit jpegs

Abstracts I (52)

Abstract photos of many
topics. Some are humorous,
and hopefully many are
thought provoking
Barns and Farms (25)

Barns and farm buildings
in various conditions as well
old buildings and equipment
mostly found in Michigan.
Bees & Wasps (21)

A collection of photos with
bees, wasps, and hornets.
A few images with interactions
with hummingbirds and flowers.
Big Cats (39)

All those big cats that inspire
such fear. Photos of Snow
Leopards, Tigers, and Puma -
some in action.
Birds (525)

This link leads to another gallery
with 32 species and 525
photos of birds from all over
the world. Many more to add
Black & White (45)

Black and white photos
of many topics all done in
grayscale. Some are toned,
duotones, tritones, and even
some quadtones.
Burnt Factory (43)

An abandoned bicycle factory
that was slated for renovation,
but brned to the ground before
it could be completed. Photos
taken in two separate shoots.
Butterflies Series I (28)

Butterfly photos taken at a
local botanical garden. This
is series #1 - as I have many
more photos from another
shoot to add to this gallery.
Channel Markers (20)

Channel markers are a safety
net for seafaring boats on the
inland sea of Lake Michigan.
Use to mark channels that lead
to inland lakes, and rivers.
Cityscapes (15)

Photos of "Cityscapes" from
Sydney Australia, Chicago, and
Grand Rapids Michigan. A
study in architecture.
Covered Bridges (14)

A vanishing part of Americana
very few covered bridges exist
today. These three bridges all
date from the mid 1800's, but
charm still graces us years later.
Cross Sections I (32)

Cross sections is my exploration
of the patterns and geometry
that can be found in fruits and
Deer (18)

The elusive Whitetail Deer of
Michigan. A few photos with
the deer sharing food with a
couple pheasants.
Dragonflies (19)

Photos of dragonflies, and
damsel flies. Most perched
but one in flight.
Fall Colors Series I (54)

Fall colors covers forest
to leaf photos.

Collections of photos that
transcend being just a
photographic image.
Fireworks (50)

A fourth of July celebration
captured in vivid color.
Flies (13)

From no see-ums to
large horse flies
Flowers Series I (55)

Flowers, flowers, flowers!
The amazing color and varied
shapes that nature does
Fruit Series I (69)

Photos of fruit in various
lighting conditions, and
on various surfaces.
House Cats (35)

A sampling of images from
my furry models...Lucy,
Ciara, and Iggy.
Ice Series I (39)

Ice in many shapes, and
Landscapes (36)

Landscapes photos
from winter to summer.
Lighthouses Series I (65)

Lighthouse photos of
Holland, Grand Haven,
Muskegon, and Byron Bay.
Lighthouses Series II (50)
Lightning (8)

These are scary photos to
to take! Image #7 was
very close. I find lighting
Meerkats (14)

Meerkats are real hams.
The need no direction, but
strike pose after pose.
Nature Series I (64)

Mainly bits and pieces of
nature...sticks, leaves, and
other items.
Night shots (17)

Moon shots where the
background does, and
does not play a role.
Panoramas (23)

Stiched images from as
few as two images to as
many as seventeen 12.3
megapixel images
Seascapes (53)

I love the water, and the
moods it displays. Some
may seem moody, but I
basically find it peaceful.
Skies (32)

Skies are very much like
seascapes to me. It's just the
upper half of a world view.
Still Life (20)

Photos of tools, drinks
and the more traditional.
Stroboscopic (19)

All of these are single
exposures where the light
source fires multiple times.
No photoshop required.
Trees (26)

From small to giant.
Weathered, and scarred
to vital and young.
Vegetables (38)

An oft visited theme in
photography. A study in
color. shape, and reflections.
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Fred Miranda Plugins
Mini reviews of four of the
most practical plugins available
from Fred Miranda.
James Markus Photography

6450 28th Ave Suite C
Hudsonville, Mi 49426
Phone 616-797-0904

Canon 5D Mark II Mini Review
Read about the hotest new 21.1
mega pixel camera from Canon.
A mini review from a Nikon
shooter. Impressions on Color,
IQ, Ergonomics, Software, Feel,
Balance, Auto Focus, & Samples!