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Gallery Flash Shows Pg 1,
These are windowed Flash photo shows. Click any link (mac or win), and
allow install of adobe flash player. Player controls at bottom of player window.
Flash photo shows play only in a window, but work on both mac and windows.

Photomatter Promo #1

A sampling of work
covering many topics.
Abstracts Series I

Abstract images done in
a windowed flash photo show.

A collection of photos with
seascapes as the theme. The
sound track is reminiscent of
the movie "The Mission".
Nature Series I

All those little bits and
pieces you see in nature.
Leaves, buds, cactus, seeds,
driftwood. etc
Land, Sky, & Trees

A sampling of images that
the title aptly describes.
More an experience than a
a collection of photos
Environmental Portraits

Photos of people doing
whatever it is that they do.
Occupations from A to W.
(I couldn't find a Z)
Products Gallery

Commercial product photos
with items from A to Z,
both large and small.
Plus food photos to make
the mouth water.
Fine Art Series I

Sometimes a flower is more
than a flower - its a work of art!
Same with a portrait, or a
landscape. These images
transcend the word "photo".
Real Estate Gallery

Mainly residential, but a few
commercial properties as well.
Interiors of all the various living
areas, and exteriors of many
State Theatre Sydney Australia
A wonderful tour was provided
by Justin Brash. Read all the info
gleaned from the tour, and off
the net - as well as see
photos of the theatre.
James Markus Photography

6450 28th Ave Suite C
Hudsonville, Mi 49426
Phone 616-797-0904

Canon 5D Mark II Mini Review
Read about the hotest new 21.1
mega pixel camera from Canon.
A mini review from a Nikon
shooter. Impressions on Color,
IQ, Ergonomics, Software, Feel,
Balance, Auto Focus - Plus Samples!