State Theatre, Sydney Australia (Travel)

A grand special event venue, the State Theatre has

hosted a wide range of performances throughout the

years. Originally opening 7th June, 1929, it was

designed and built by local Sydney craftsman. A

wonderful blend of architectural styles that include

high ceilings, mosaic floors, marble columns and

statues. The theatre is a must-see for architectural

enthusiasts. This grand hall like entrance is what

greets you at 49 Market Street. The theme of ever

increasing in grandeur entrances continues through

out the theatre.

Statues flank the street entrance doors, >>>

as well as an amazing ceiling,

and side stall show windows.

Detail of one the statues

The idea for the State Theatre was conceived by

the owner of Union Theatres, Stuart Doyle. Henry

White is the designer of the State Theatre in which

he has fused Gothic, Classical, Art deco, and

Geometric styles. After entering the theatre you first

notice beautiful mirror image curved staircases

surrounded by a myriad of details of the

aforementioned styles. All this is in a circular

domed room, yet you still are not quite in the theatre.

Looking up at the beautiful domed ceiling.

Looking back at the street entrance >>>

This is the view from the stage of the main auditorium of the State Theatre in Sydney Australia. The massive space is

approximately 300 feet long x 150 feet wide x 50 feet high. Other than the main floor seating area it has two stacked

balconies for a seating capacity in the thousands. The decor is a blend of classical, neo classical, art-deco, nouveau,

and geometric designs reminiscent of the Alhambra in Granada Spain.

This is the largest chandelier in the southern

hemisphere, and the world's second largest.

It contains 20,000 individual pieces of crystal.

The annual cleaning takes days to accomplish,

and it is lowered from the ceiling of the main

auditorium by a winch. It is reported to weigh

4 tons, or 8000 pounds, and is the size of a

medium sized commercial truck.

It is kind of an insult to refer to these two items as light fixtures,

but that is the function they both serve on either side of the

stage. Each female figure is 6-8 feet high, and are holding

a large 3-4 foot light fixture. There are mirror versions

both stage right and stage left.

During World War II the State Theatre became a news outlet

of sorts. People lined up to watch the latest Movie Tone

news reels to get information on the war.

Bandleader Will Prior performed on opening night. "The

Patriot" was the first movie ever shown at the State

Theatre. It was accompanied with the playing of the

mighty Wurlitzer organ by Price Dunlavy. The

Wurlitzer use to corkscrew out of center stage.