Sigma 14mm f2.8 EX HSM Aspherical Lens

The world's widest rectalinear prime wide angle lens


An excellent lens of exceptional build. A wonderful wide angle view with very good sharpness, contast, and color. The Sigma
14mm is the world's shortest focal length non-fisheye wide-angle available. A specialized lens that delivers an impressive 114
rectilinear field of view on a full frame cameras. Featuring a fast F2.8 maximum aperture and a close focusing distance of only
7.1 inches. The lens also incorporates a built-in lens hood and a gelatin filter holder behind the rear lens element. Though no
longer made by Sigma - you can find a good used copy on ebay for one quarter to one fifth the cost of Canon's version. I paid
$450 for mine. The images it resolves are dramatic. The Canon version is still available at B&H. With such a massive front lens
element - the Sigma 14mm is prone to lens flare when light enters at a tangent to the front element. (see sample photos)

Another View

Available Mixed light at ISO 3200

Available Mixed light at ISO 1600

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