Nikon TC-17EII 1.7x

About the maximum reach you can get out a tele converter


   Works with a very short list of Nikon lenses. Almost no negative effects on image quality. Build
quality is exceptional, and fits very securely. If you read the list of lenses this tele converter works
with by Nikon - it is merely a handful of f2.8 super telephotos. However, it does work with many of
the f4 telephotos, and super telephotos. The issue is falling below the f5.6 threshold in order for
the auto focus system on your camera body to work. In manual focus mode this TC works with many
more telephotos lenses. It works very well on my D300 giving it a minimum f-stop of f6.7. It also
works on my D2X, but when the lighting goes flat...both camera bodies hunt for focus a lot more.

Another View

An example of the AFS 500 + 1.7x TC under flat lighting conditions

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