Nikon SB800 Strobe

An incredible flash system for Nikon


   A beautifully made, sophisticated (the manual is over 100 pages long), and powerful flash system.
Incredible results from such a small package. I doubt there is a better flash system anywhere. Then,
just days ago, Nikon announced the SB900 - sheesh! This flash is used constantly while I am at work
for the newspaper. Unfortunately, I don't feel comfortable posting any of my work that I took while
shooting for them. I bounce this thing off any and everything I can, plus it is so powerful that it even can
reach birds for a little fill. When you use it with the optional 5th battery cover(comes with - pictured) it
will last a very long time. Tons of program modes and settings to learn, but well worth it. As is the off
camera optional accessory. (not pictured) Nikon's CLS (Creative Lighting System) is the best in the
industry - IMO

Another View

An example of the SB800 as a main

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