Nikon D1X

One of Nikon's first pro digital cameras


   Pros: This review is very over-due. I have used this D1X for over 5.5 years now. I literally wore
out the shutter 2 years ago...roughly 350,000 frames. But it's as good as new since Nikon replaced
the shutter, and spiffed it up quite dramatically (no buffer upgrade). I still use it as one of my main cameras...
even though I own a D2X & D300. Many times I just don't need the extra resolution of the newer cameras,
plus I am determined to continue to use it. I have been outdoors in below zero temps, and on freshly
paved tar in over 115 degree temps...and the D1X has never failed to work. Reminds me of my F3HP's
- both of which had 100,000's of shots, and both of which still worked when sold. A real
workhorse! Great colors and contrast. More forgiving sensor with today's newer lenses...lenses that
look a bit soft on my D2X are sharp on the D1X

    Cons: Better batteries would be the Lithum Ion ones on the D2X...the shutter is loud. Quite noisy
at ISO's of 400 and above - if you are even slightly off on exposure. If you nail the can
get good images from 400-800. The CF door loses it's rubber easily - not a big deal, but I'm trying
to think of things to put in this con section.

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