Nikkor AFS 70-200mm f2.8 VR

One of the kings of zoom lenses


   Sharp, fast & quiet focusing, excellent VR (vibration reduction), pleasing bokeh, stunning results! I have
shot Nikon for over 35 years, and this has become a favorite lens. I didn't like the price, but I now think it
well worth every penney. Two thumbs up from this Photog. Apparently, there is light fall off on full frame
sensor cameras - like the D3 and D700. Perhaps waiting for the next version of the 70-200 would make
sense if you own either of those two models. For a zoom lens it approaches prime lens IQ (image quality)
throughout it's entire range - which is quite an accomplishment for Nikon. However, I think primes still hold
an edge on IQ. In one regard, the 70-200 sits atop the heap, and that is bokeh. A handful of Nikkor glass will
match the 70-200's bokeh, but almost none of them will exceed it. Chromatic aberation, flare, and ghosting
are extremely well controlled. There are a couple things I do wish the next generation of the 70-200 would have.

1-Even better sharpness
2-More contrast to the image via coatings
3-Trim the weight a bit (It's a heavy lens)

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