Nikkor 500mm AFS f4 (version I)

A sharp, and weighty super telephoto lens


   Image quality, and bokeh are simply top notch. The lens is heavy, but worth the effort. For
birding, I am finding that a good monopod is the way to go. But I do have a heavy duty tripod
and gimbal head as well. At my age carting all the gear around is tiring, but the tripod allows
me to rest easily. The hood on the 500mm is cavernous, and contibutes to wind buffeting
dramatically. However, the added contrast is a you should use it at all times. This
lens works well with my Tamron AF SP 1.4x TC, and the Nikon 1.7x TC (though not officially
supported) These type lenses (Super telephotos) are rare, only a few hundred to a few thousand
are made of each model, before they move onto the next version. They also tend to be very heavy,
and expensive. Super telephotos need good technique, and excellent support. You don't just mount
one of these behemoths and start snapping National Geographic style images. Much like fishing,
you need patience, and dedication to learn how to shoot one of these. A decent tripod and gimbal
head alone can set you back another grand. You should have a compelling reason to step into this
territory, because it is an entirely different type of photography.

Another View

With a Nikon 1.7x TC the EFL (Effective Focal Length) is 500mm x 1.5 crop factor x 1.7 TC = 1275mm

The creamy smooth bokeh is wonderful. Shot with the Tamron 1.4x TC = 1050mm EFL

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