Nikkor AFD 20-35mm f2.8

The first good wide zoom


   This is an older style lens that has been replaced by the 17-35mm and 17-55m Nikkors. In its
day, about 15-20 years ago, it was a big step forward in wide zoom lenses. Build quality is top
notch. I have literally shot millions of frames on my copy, and nothing has worn out - yet. Image
quality is from good to very good.

Another View

I don't have any samples to post from this lens. I shoot it exclusively for the newspaper.
Purchased in 1989 it was used on two F3HPs until 2002 - racking up approximately
500,000 frames on the one body and 750,000 frames on the other. It also was used
on a AP NC2000 until 2002 - outlasting 4 Nikon N90 and N90s bodies. (All four had
shutter failures). Today, I still use it on a D1X whose shutter failed at about 350,000
acutations, and has been rebuilt about a year ago. It really is a tank, but image quality
isn't great - just good to very good.

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