Nikkor AFS 10.5mm f2.8 DX ED Fisheye

A very special lens that provides an unique point of view.

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   I really expected to use this lens only very very rarely, but I'm probably using it more than that...maybe
up to 1-2% on some assignments. It works great on landscapes, and even portraits. On my D2X it functions
much like a fixed focus lens. It seems that everything from a few inches to infinity is in focus. Defished
images retain their sharpness, but at a cost to image area covered. By the time you square it up it is more
like 14mm. However, since the 12-24 is softest at the wide end (12-14 range) - I sometimes choose the
fisheye over the 12-24 because I know the image quality will be better....particularly if shooting wide open.
I really love this little gem. Image quality is very good to excellent, and build quality is very good.

Another View

Sample Landscape Image

Sample Portrait Shot

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