Nikon to Canon AF Confirm Adapter

Adapt your Nikon glass to you Canon EOS DSLR


If like me you shoot with both systems (Nikon and Canon), or you just happen to shoot Canon, but own some Nikon Glass - you
can still use your Nikon glass on your modern Canon DSLR camera body. It is really slick, and brings back memories of when I
manually focused everything. The only difference is that instead of split focusing screen the camera beeps when perfect focus is
achieved. Any legendary Nikon F mount glass will work on this adapter, and produce the stunning results that Nikon lenses are
reknown for. You simply mount the ring adapter to your Nikon lens, and then mount the lens on your Canon this case a
Canon 5D mark II. Here are some samples of various Nikon lenses adapted this way. You can find this on ebay - look for the seller
with happy in his online user name.

Another view

The circuitry for the AF confirm

5dmkII + Nikon AFD 60mm f/2.8 micro + AF Confirm adapter - "Dipped in Champagne"

5dmkII + Nikon AFS 300mm f/4 + Nikon 1.7 TC + AF Confirm adapter - "Land Pearls"

5dmkII + Nikon AFD 85mm f/1.8 + AF Confirm adapter - "Tulip"

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