Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM

An excellent prime lens from Canon and a great value


I got this refurbed (by Canon) 85mm f1.8 lens for $350 USD and I am amazed that both Canon and Nikon make such stellar lens
at very reasonable prices in this focal length. Both are slightly less fast, and cost only a fraction of the amount you would spend
on the famous f1.2 or in Nikon's case the f1.4. I highly reccomend this lens. Beautiful bokeh, and wonderful sharpness in a small
light weight package. It isn't an "L", but I can't see how to improve upon this lens. Great for portraits on both crop sensors, and
full frame. An excellent product lens too! At f1.8 it is a fast lens so don't forget the applications it would shine at - like theater,
or weddings.

Another View

Sample Studio Portrait

Theater sample shot @ f2.0

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