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Review photos & record file name for ordering prints. In photoshows use player pause button.
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CONTACT me by email here or Call 616-797-0904


Hannah at age one.
Gioia and Giada

Gioia and Giada on a
hot summer day.
Chloe, Max & Charlie

Chloe, Max and Charlie
hanging around the house.
Peggy's 90th Reunion

Held in indiana - many
relatives came to celebrate.
Tom, Steve, Liz, & Emily

Tom, Steve, Liz, and Emily
visit the studio.
Pam, Dave, and family

Pam, Dave, Lucas, Emily &
Alex photos in a park setting.
htmlshow=photo, flashshow=
title, or this text.
Candlestone Inn

The "Every Stride" 5k
and 10 k race held on
October 25th - Flash
show proofs.
A&P Wedding

Ashley & Phil's Wedding
ceremony held on the shores
Grand Traverse bay.
A&P Reception

Ashley & Phil's Reception
held in Madonna Ciccone's
parents barn near Suttons
bay Michigan.
A&P Pre-Wedding

Photos of the morning of...
Ashley & Phil Formals

Formal photos from the
wedding and reception.
Bling & Settings

Bling and setting photos from
Ashley and Phil's wedding and
Parkwood Directory-1

Cole, Merizon, Mitchell, Schultz,
VanWingerden, and Weenick.
Parkwood Directory-2

Cooley, Eckhardt, Lake,
Peraino, Werner, Wright
Parkwood Directory-3

Borgeson, DeVries, Kremer,
Miner, Seeley, Vanderwerp.
Parkwood Directory-4

Boonstra, Faasse, Male,
Price, Rudunzel, Topp.
Parkwood Directory-5

Blood, Carlson, Jauss, Schouw,
VanDam, VanZweden

studio proofs
Sarah & Twins

Audrey and Madelyn merely
days old in the studio.
Male family photos

Studio proofs.

Studio proofs
Carlson family photos

Studio proofs
Schouw famliy photos

Studio proofs
Nuttall family photos

Studio proofs
VanderMeer photos

Studio proofs
Audrey & Madelyn

At 11 weeks old.
Noah Photo Show

Noah in his back yard at
at age one. htmlshow=photo,
flashshow=title, or this text.
Krystal Photo Show

Senior photos. htmlshow=photo,
flashshow=title, or this text.
Chris Photo Show

Senior photos. htmlshow=photo,
flashshow=title, or this text.
Nick Brash Memorial

Family collaboration of photos.
htmlshow=photo, flashshow=
title, or this text.
Portrait Photo Show
Formal portraits of people
from 10 days old on up.
As well as portraits of pets
and other animals.
James Markus Photography

6450 28th Ave Suite C
Hudsonville, Mi 49426
Phone 616-797-0904

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