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Review photos & record file name for ordering prints. In photoshows use player pause button.
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Tom, Sondra & Ethan

Photo proofs group one
of three.

Photo proofs group two
of three.
Ethan with Mom & Dad

Photo proofs group three
of three.
Bridgett & Danny

Prom Night!
Amanda & Jesse

Prom Night!
Lizzy & Duncan

Duncan and Lizzy in the.
studio and at the beach.
Pat, Sheldon & Family

Family portraits, and
the Grand Kids.
JF Proofs

JF and family visit the
studio...see the muscles.
Camden's Proofs

Camden visits for a
studio session.
A&M at 6 Months

Photos of the twins at
six months
Diane, Klaire & Family

The whole family dropped
by the studio Tuesday night.
Carol, Sid & Family

Everyone gathered In the back
yard for the family portrait
C&S Grand Kids

Carol and Sids Grandkids,
Brent, Missy & Family

The C&S fun continues,
Brian, Deb & Family

More C&S photos....

Studio TFCD

Rebecca's August session

Jacob's studio proofs

Hayden's Studio Proofs
Marissa Studio

Studio proofs.
Marissa Outdoors

Location proofs

Studio Session
Lindsay's photos

Studio proofs
Jakob & Austin photos

Studio proofs
Children Photo Show
A sampling of images that
the title aptly describes.
Personalities captured
to treasure for years.
James Markus Photography

6450 28th Ave Suite C
Hudsonville, Mi 49426
Phone 616-797-0904

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