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Rachael - Ballroom

Rachael in a ballroom with
mirrors, windows and a piano
Rachael - Spring Grove

Shot in Spring Grove park
Rachael - Stage & Urban

Shot on Stage and in
Urban settings around GR

Josh at the park and
with his truck

Cadence at 10 months
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proof gallery
Joanne - Everyone

The whole family gathered
at a Homrich farm for a fall
photo session.
Jo - Individual Families

The four children of Joanne
and their families.
Jo-Grandkids & Couples

All of Joanne's Grandkids
and some grandkid couples
Karen, Max & Family

Karen, Max & Family
gathered for a studio
Karen, Max & Grandkids

Karen, Max & Grandkids
studio session.

Megan's 2011 Studio Session (55)

2011 Studio Session (47)

Amanda & Family

2011 Studio Session (48)

Simon brought his guitar and trumpet
to the studio. (45)
Priscilla & Patrizia - Church

Priscilla & Patrizia first communion
held at St. Isidore in Grand Rapids
on June 26th. (60)
Priscilla & Patrizia - Formals

Priscilla & Patrizia first communion
formals at St. Isidore in Grand Rapids
and at their home. (62)
Priscilla & Patrizia - Party

Priscilla & Patrizia first communion
party at Vitales in Grand Rapids.(54)
Hayes - Everyone

All 18 for a sunny summer portrait
on a beautiful sunny day. (48)
Hayes - Individual Families

Individual portraits of the four
extended families. (48)
Emily's Proofs

Studio proofs.
Emily & Ani's Proofs

Studio proofs
Ani's Proofs

Studio Proofs
Judy, Bernie & Family

On Location proofs
Cal & Lynn

Wedding & Reception
Children Photo Show
A sampling of images that
the title aptly describes.
Personalities captured
to treasure for years.
James Markus Photography

6450 28th Ave Suite C
Hudsonville, Mi 49426
Phone 616-797-0904

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