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N&J - the Whole Family

The whole family gathered in
Spring Grove Park.
N&J - Extended Family #1

More photos shot in
Spring Grove park
N&J - Extended Family #2

Even more photos shot in
Spring Grove park
Mark, Stephanie & Family

All the family at the studio
plus random groupings
Individual Portraits

Portraits of family members
at the studio.

A studio photo session.

On location shoot
Ava & Alex

Ava & Alex at the studio -
themselves, & together
Mary, Krzysztof & Family

Mary, Krzysztof & Family
gathered for a studio

@ the Studio
Jordan #2

Jordan - Tight Headshots
on location session
Joey and Bridgett

Studio Session (48)

Emily Inside

Shot on Location Session
Inside settings (54)
Emily Outside

Shot on Location Session
Outside settings (76)
PROM!!!! 2012

Maddie and Duncan stopped
by the studio on their way to the
Prom! (39)
Jolie @ the Studio

Be patient for photo show to load
- Nine outfit changes resulted in
lots of photos (147)
Children Photo Show
A sampling of images that
the title aptly describes.
Personalities captured
to treasure for years.
James Markus Photography

6450 28th Ave Suite C
Hudsonville, Mi 49426
Phone 616-797-0904

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